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Monterey Medical Malpractice Lawyers Advocating for the Rights of Babies Injured at Birth

Medical personnel are trained to safeguard and monitor every stage of the birth process. When trauma occurs in labor and delivery, the results can be tragic. At Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P., we understand the far-reaching impact of injuries to mother and infant before, during, and after birth.

Failure to detect and properly respond to health issues in the mother or infant may reap severe, life-altering consequences. Our birth injury attorneys have the knowledge, experience and ability to fully represent victims of medical malpractice. We fight for the rights of mothers and their babies, working to obtain justice for our tiniest citizens.

Providing Skilled Representation for Birth Injuries in Monterey, CA

If you believe that you or your child may have sustained an injury at any point in the birth process, we can help. Whether you have an official diagnosis or are concerned about your child's development, our attorneys will thoroughly investigate the origin of the problem. We will work to secure compensation your family's needs and seek the answers you deserve. We have experience handling the following conditions:

  • Erb's Palsy;
  • Cerebral Palsy;
  • Shoulder Injuries;
  • Hypoxia;
  • Perinatal Asphyxia;
  • Bone Fractures;
  • Injuries to the Mother;
  • Postpartum Hemorrhaging;
  • Newborn Spinal Cord Injuries;
  • Brachial Plexus Injury (BPI);
  • Brain Injuries;
  • Misdiagnosis & Delayed Diagnosis;
  • Medication Errors;
  • Wrongful Death;
  • Defective Medical Devices;
  • MICRA; and
  • Kaiser Medical Cases.

Birth injury matters are complex and require the knowledge and experience of skilled malpractice lawyers. Led by Brad Corsiglia, a well-respected medical malpractice attorney, our firm has a successful record of resolving birth injury claims. While it is challenging to prove negligence in birth injury matters, we will work tirelessly to determine the root causes. Through solid negotiation and litigation strategies, we continue to obtain maximum settlements for our clients. Take your time when hiring a birth injury lawyer. Be sure to select a firm with a great reputation for handling such claims and cases. We invite you to speak with one of our attorneys to discover why we are a leading medical malpractice firm serving Monterey County.

Offering Compassionate Handling of Birth Injury Claims and Cases

When we handle your birth injury matter, our attorneys pursue every responsible party with tenacity and great attention to detail. Success is often a direct result of careful investigation and a thorough evaluation of the facts. Putting those facts together in a compelling way is vital. We build strong approaches for every case, and employ a gentle hand when communicating with our clients. Your family has already endured enough, let us help lighten the load and build a plan for a better future for you and your children.

If you have concerns about birth injuries and need help navigating the claim process, we are ready to help you today. Contact our firm at 408-298-7200 to set up a free consultation so that we may listen to the details of your matter. Our staff is fluent in English and Spanish. We serve the Monterey area including Pacific Grove, Carmel, Salinas, Watsonville, Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, Scotts Valley, Marina, Hollister, San Benito County, and the Monterey Bay area.


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