Avoid These Mistakes that Hurt Your Car Accident Claim

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Monterey car accident injury attorney, car accident claim, negligence claims, car accidents, comparative negligenceWe all understand that accidents do happen. People experience negative days, have errors in judgment, and glance away from the road to pass something to our children in the backseat. None of these behaviors, however, make an individual a “bad person.” In many situations, both drivers are equally shaken up over an accident, and we are hesitant to put pressure on the other driver because we visibly see that he or she did not intend to cause the crash. However, at the scene of the accident, you should be equally worried about yourself and your passengers and avoid these potentially life-altering pitfalls.

Avoiding Filing a Claim Because You Were Partly to Blame

There are two types of negligence claims that follow car accidents: contributory or comparative. Illinois practices comparative negligence, where the injured party may have been at fault to some degree, but is still able to make a claim, so long as he or she was less than 50 percent at fault. Therefore, you can receive compensation for your damages even if the accident was partly your fault.

Not Calling the Police

Occasionally, even if someone knows he or she is at fault for the accident, he or she will ask you not to call the police. Other times, both parties are in a hurry and no one wants the hassle of waiting for police to arrive to complete paperwork. No one has time for that, right? Wrong. You should always get the police involved to protect yourself, even if it seems no one is hurt. The other driver or a witness could potentially file a false claim with injuries later naming you at fault.

Forgetting to Take Pictures

With the growth of social media, we live our lives in pictures. So, why then, are we shy to take photos following a car accident? Photographic evidence from the scene of the crash can make — or break — any case. Videography and detailed images will help lawyers and judges determine the truth of the story. Be sure to include all of the following:

  • Damage to both vehicles;
  • The behavior of the other driver;
  • Road conditions;
  • Weather; and
  • Injuries.

Declining Medical Attention

One of the biggest mistakes victims of car accidents make is not seeking medical attention. Immediately following a crash, the human body produces a surge of hormones meant to prevent the body from feeling pain or overly panicked. Also, many more severe injuries do not present initially with a high amount of pain. It is always a good idea to have a hospital or physician complete an initial physical to rule out many dangers.

Not Hiring an Attorney

Even if you do not believe that you will need a Monterey car accident injury attorney, it is good to have one on standby in case of an emergency. At Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P. we offer you a free initial consultation to review your case. If you decide you deserve reimbursement for your injuries and mounting medical bills, our attorneys will help you earn maximum compensation. We have an exceptional record of delivering top quality service to our clients. Call us today at 408-298-7200 to discover all the ways we can help.


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