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Cries of help from our children deserve urgent action. When they experience sexual abuse, we cannot remain silent. At Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P., we are dedicated to bringing the acts of sex abusers to light and holding them accountable for the emotional, mental and physical pain they inflict. Our attorneys champion the rights of both children and adults who experience the horrors of sexual abuse and victimization.

Although sexual abuse is a criminal act, victims and their families may choose to pursue a civil action against all responsible offenders. Whether the abuser acted alone, or is associated with or protected by a negligent institution, our team of nationally-recognized professionals will uncover each fact in the matter to bring the right people to justice through the civil process.

Demanding Accountability in Sexual Abuse Civil Cases

Any form of abuse can cause great distress, but a lack of justice compounds the issue. As sex abuse personal injury lawyers, we are committed to ensuring that sexual offenders and those who enable them are held accountable for their actions. The outcome of a successful personal injury case against an abuser can yield compensation for the victims and also set a precedent to protect further children and adults from harm.

By our actions, we aim to halt the cycle of sexual abuse. Our firm has successfully helped sex abuse victims obtain substantial monetary damages and establish safer communities through revolutionary verdicts.

Fighting to Protect Children from Sexual Harm

Unfortunately, many children experience sexual abuse from people they know or trust. Family members, teachers, coaches, church members -- the list of offenders is both disturbing and startling. We advise parents, guardians and those who care for children to look for any changes in the child's life to detect possible signs of abuse, including:

  • Loss of self-esteem: Does the child think they are worthless? Are they highly critical of themselves?
  • Unexplained weight loss/gain: Is the child refusing to eat or constantly overindulging?
  • Increased anxiety or fear: Does the child seem frequently nervous or jumpy?
  • Change in behavior: Have you noticed a significant change in the way the child behaves?

These are just a few signs that may lead to an underlying issue of abuse. Children may feel ashamed or at fault for the actions taken against them. We will fight for their physical and mental wholeness and expose offenders wrongfully placed in positions of authority.

Aggressive Representation for Adult Sex Abuse Victims

Like children, adults who are sexually abused may also pursue legal action against their abusers in civil court. Whether physically or mentally impaired or placed in a vulnerable position, we advocate for every person who has endured any type of sexual offense. We will investigate the background of offenders as well as the processes and protocols used to grant authoritative positions to sex abusers. We handle sexual abuse cases that originate in the workplace, care facilities, prisons, and residences, among other places. We will go after every negligent and abusive party to demand justice now and accountability for the future.

If you wish to pursue a civil suit against a sex offender, please contact us at 408-298-7200 today to schedule a free consultation. We will discuss the details of your matter with compassion and confidentiality and give you information about how we can help hold sex offenders accountable for their actions. Our staff is fluent in English and Spanish. We serve the Monterey area including Pacific Grove, Carmel, Salinas, Watsonville, Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, Scotts Valley, Marina, Hollister, San Benito County, and the Monterey Bay area.


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