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Skilled Representation for Falls and Falling Object Injuries in California

One of the top four causes for on-the-job injuries is falling. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that, in 2013, 699 workers died from falling, slipping, or tripping. In more than 80% of those incidents, the injured worker fell to a lower level. Of those falls, one in every four construction workers fell 10 feet or less.

Because of the dangerous work they must perform, construction workers are especially susceptible to debilitating and fatal injuries from falls. Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P. is a personal injury firm with a reputation for successful handling of construction accident claims involving falls and falling objects. Since 2006, our firm has proudly represented the Monterey construction employee population. We know what it takes to pursue and obtain positive results for complex workplace injury claims.

Experienced Help for On-the-Job Falls and Falling Object Injuries

Were you struck by a falling object at work? Did you endure a serious injury by falling? Experience matters when you have suffered a fall or have been hit or wedged by a falling object in the workplace. Amputations, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries are just some of the catastrophic effects from such accidents. Workers may also experience internal damage including broken bones, fractures, internal bleeding, and joint dislocations. Recovering the maximum in compensation requires extensive knowledge of labor issues and an ability to look beyond the surface to determine every contributing factor.

At Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P., we have the necessary resources and experience to successfully pursue the resolution you require. Our award-winning claim representation and litigation skills ensure that clients receive:

  • Comprehensive handling of the matter at every point in the process, from the initial claim to the final result;
  • A thorough investigation to determine every liable party for your injury or wrongful death claim;
  • A medical evaluation by our nursing consultant to establish the full extent of the injury and impact; and
  • Fierce advocacy to secure the maximum amount of compensation for your personal injury matter.

Objects can gain serious momentum when dropped from above. The longer the drop and bigger the size, the more potential for harm. Work tools, masonry supplies, and even structural debris can be deadly when set in motion through careless acts. Additionally, failure to keep walking areas clear or remove trip and fall hazards can deliver devastating results. We will look at your situation from every angle and devise a strategy that keeps your needs first and holds negligent parties responsible.

Workers' Compensation for Falls and Falling Objects

Workers' compensation is in place to ensure that injured employees can recover compensation for lost wages, money for medical care and treatment, and restitution for the overall economic impact of the incident. If your employer did not contribute to your accident, your right to receive workers' comp becomes invalid. This does not mean you have no recourse, because you may pursue a personal injury claim.

We will investigate every person or entity that may have contributed to your injury, from equipment and product manufacturers to subcontractors and third-party agencies. Our detailed approach ensures that you and your family's concerns will not go unanswered.

If you or a loved one has been seriously or fatally injured due to a fall or falling objects in the workplace, please contact our firm at 408-298-7200 to set up a free consultation. We will explain your options and help you understand what to expect during the claim process. Our staff is fluent in English and Spanish. We serve the Monterey area including Pacific Grove, Carmel, Salinas, Watsonville, Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, Scotts Valley, Marina, Hollister, San Benito County, and the Monterey Bay area.


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