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Faulty or improperly constructed scaffolding and ladders pose great risk to those who must stand on them to complete a task. Scaffolding and ladders have practical use in many different work environments. For this reason, the construction, painting, and entertainment industries use them frequently. When negligent use of these structures ends in injury or death, however, it is important to have an experienced personal injury lawyer in your corner.

In the event of a scaffolding fall, our personal injury attorneys have the proven experience and ability to handle your matter with excellence. Our reputation for success is nationally recognized; every day, we work to fulfill our mission to hold liable parties accountable for the critical injuries our clients endure.

Helping Clients with Injuries from Scaffolding and Ladder Falls

Falls, trips, or slips on or from scaffolding structures and ladders can cause serious or fatal injuries. The magnitude of these types of injuries often require long-term medical care and treatment. Some of our clients have experienced the following injuries:

  • Brain injuries - Blows to the head can cause temporary or long-term pain, confusion, memory loss, and many other life-altering issues.
  • Spinal cord injuries - Severe injuries to the back and neck can result in loss of mobility, bodily function, paralysis and other catastrophic effects.
  • Amputations - Sometimes falls can result in a crushed limb, or a person may fall into an object in such a way that a limb could be partially severed. In some cases, the limb must be removed.

Experiencing such drastic injuries are life-changing; victims may no longer be able to work in their previous career or experience a decrease or complete elimination of mobility. We understand the difficulty in accepting such devastating circumstances. To that end, we offer a compassionate response and work hard to help our injured clients and their families face a new reality. We fight to obtain the right support and compensation to take care of their needs and provide a future for those who depend on them.

Maximizing Injury Compensation for Monterey Employees

When you are injured at work, your first thought may be to pursue a workers' compensation claim. Workers' comp insurance was created to protect an employee's right to receive monetary aid in the event of an on-the-job injury caused by employer negligence. Our attorneys also look for additional negligent parties, such as property owners, equipment manufacturers, or third-party agencies, and pursue personal injury claims for our clients in addition to workers' compensation. As a result, we consistently secure the maximum amount possible.

If you or a loved one has experienced a serious or fatal injury from a scaffolding or ladder accident at work, please contact our firm at 408-298-7200 to set up a free consultation. We are committed trial lawyers who will fight for your right to receive fair compensation. Our staff is fluent in English and Spanish. We serve the Monterey area including Pacific Grove, Carmel, Salinas, Watsonville, Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, Scotts Valley, Marina, Hollister, San Benito County, and the Monterey Bay community.


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